SWINFORD In Class Training: Manicure & Pedicure Course : June 19 Wednesday morning 10am until 2pm : ABT/AIT Accredited

SWINFORD In Class Training: Manicure & Pedicure Course : June 19 Wednesday morning 10am until 2pm : ABT/AIT Accredited

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ABT/AIT Accredited Manicure & Pedicure Course

Swinford Co Mayo 

            Manicure & Pedicure Course              
Face to Face in class Training in Swinford Co Mayo


June 19 Wednesday morning  10am until 2pm 

This course is run every week. If the date is not suitable this time around. We’ll have new course date updated after the above date has passed. 

Cost €199 

No need to bring anything as we supply all the products needed on the day of the training. 

ABT Accredited Manicure & Pedicure Course 


Each learner will be asked to complete 5 case studies.

Learning outcomes from this course:

  • Learn the structure of the nail.
  • Be able to relate treatment to the bones, muscles and skin of the hand and feet.
  • Understand, explain and demonstrate how to check for contraindications and recognise any nail diseases and disorders
  • Understand, explain and demonstrate the importance of consultation and communicating with the client tactfully and accurately.
  • Understand, explain and demonstrate use of the relevant products and tools.
  • Understand, explain and demonstrate how to file the nails correctly according to the nail shape
  • Be able to demonstrate successfully how to carry out a manicure and pedicure treatment.
  • We explain all about the case studies on the day of training. 


No Need to bring anything to the course. 

We supply everything you need for the day training. 

Products needed for the course: Hoof stick, orange wood stick, file, buffer, cuticle cutter, nail cutter, bowl to soak hand, bowl to soak feet, cuticle remover, hand exfoliator, foot exfoliator, two face cloths, two hand towels, hand moisturiser, foot moisturiser, hand mask, foot mask, two brushes to apply masks, massage oil, foot soak, foot wrasp for hard skin, non acetone nail polish remover, nail wipes, nail varnish base coat, nail varnish colour and nail varnish top coat.


 This course will be delivered face to face in class and as part of the course you will have full access to detailed course materials including our specially designed course notes which include full step by step guides.


10% Discount Code for insurance with www.abtinsurance.ie with this ABT Accredited  certificate  . 

No previous training needed for this Course. 

Suitable for beginners and complete beginners. open to the public. everyone welcome. 

Lots of demonstrations and practical work on this course

Five case studies required to receive ABT Accredited Certificate. We’ll go through this on the course. 

No models needed 

Beauty Academy Ireland ABT/AIT accredited Certificate which is Recognise as a professional qualification with ABT/AIT accreditation in Ireland & U.K. We are fully insured & accreditation by ABT Accreditation 

You receive your Certificate after the course as your name is printed on your ABT Accredited Certificate

You will be encouraged to contact the trainers after the course to help you with any anything. 

If you like to speak with one of the trainers to explain everything about this course. Please ring us on 0876007774 between 10am & 3pm weekdays.



 ABT/AIT Accredited Face to Face in Class Training. 

We are fully accredited & insured & can accept all types of Government training grants.