ABT Accredited Acrylgel Course : June 15 Saturday evening 7pm until 9pm live online )

ABT Accredited Acrylgel Course : June 15 Saturday evening 7pm until 9pm live online )

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ABT Accredited Acrylgel Nail Course 

Next Date 

June 15 Saturday evening 7pm until 9pm live  online 


This course is run every week. If the date is not suitable this time around. We’ll have new course date updated after the above date has passed. 

Suitable for beginners and complete beginners. No experience needed. We start at the very beginning on this Acrylgel course 


  • ABT Accredited Certificate.
  • information booklet emailed to you.
  • Professional qualification recognised in lreland & U.K. 
  • Discount Code for insurance with www.abtinsurance.ie & www.abtinsurance.uk
  • We have all products you need for training in stock, if the stock is not on the website message us.
  • This course is live online for two hours with replay for 30 days. 

Total cost for Acrylgel Course €89

This Course is run live online for 2 hours 



General information about Acrylgel Nail Extension Course 

  1. After you book your place we’ll send you the information booklet by email .
  2. A few days before the course we’ll send you the link to login to the live online training. Login is very easy , just your name & email address 
  3. On the live training you can ask questions at anytime during the course, 
  4. The trainers or anyone else on the course won’t see you or hear you . You can ask questions at anytime during the course simply by texting . The trainer will respond straight away to your questions. 
  5. After the training you can contact the trainer by email or phone for any help you might need. 
  6. Please note, you need Wi Fi as this is live training 
  7. You can us laptop, iPad or smartphone, 
  8. If using smartphone or iPad please turn your device to landscape  mode please.
  9. There is no kit with this price of €89

 The training course includes: 

Architecture of the artificial nail 
Correct fitting of the Acrylgel double flex tips 
Peculiarities and properties of acrygel
Technology of nail modeling on the nail forms  using acrygel
Decorative coating (all types)

Double Flex Acrylgel Tips are used to form the shape of the nail and are reusable ,  

Acrylic Gel allows to easily model and extend the nail plate . This innovative product is combination of hard acrylic with elastic gel that has the ability to polymerise in a UV/LED lamp . It is stronger than hard gel . but more Flexible than acrylic . Reduces the sensation of burning typical for gel-based styling products to a minimum . and after curing it does not have a dispersive layer . 

Acrylgel Course stock 

We have Acrylgel kits in stock on the website if needed. 

⭕️ Double Flex Acrylgel 

⭕️ Acrylgel liquid 

⭕️ Acrylic gel tool 

⭕️ Double Flex Acrylgel Tips 

⭕️ UV/LED Lamp 

⭕️ Sanding block 

⭕️ Sanding File 

⭕️ power base 

⭕️ we have kits in stock for this course if needed 


    Beauty Academy Ireland have courses accredited by ABT. Once completed these courses are recognized by ABT as a professional qualification in lreland & UK 

    We this ABT Accredited Certificate you can then get insurance with www.abtinsurance.ie to work from home, mobile or in a beauty or hair Salon , nail bar , hotel spa ect . 

     If you decide after this course to continue onto the Gel Nail Technician Course. You will receive a €50 discount of the Gel Nail Technician Course. 

    If you’d like to speak with one of the trainers about this course, please ring 0876007774 between 10am and 3pm weekdays, Thanks