Kit for Gel Polish Course

Kit for Gel Polish Course

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Are you looking for the perfect set to start your adventure with hybrid manicure.
Meet the Semilac. Hybrid starter kit, the basic package of products and accessories you need to get beautiful nails. This is a great lamp designed for curing all hybrid varnishes and Semilac gels. The lamp is equipped with a motion sensor, automatically activating it (when you put your hand in it) and a low heat mode, which gradually increases the heating of the lamp. Thanks to this, you can be sure that the product will cure properly and the process will be comfortable. You will not buy this lamp outside the set, because it is not available in the permanent sale offer.

Set contains:

Semilac 36W UV / LED bridge lamp - has an electronic display, motion sensor, dual led  €38.99

Plug €2.99

Bridge file €0.49

Semilac Extend base €10.50

Dust-free swabs/wipes €2.99

Semilac Acetone 50 ml €3.99

Semilac Nail Cleaner 50 ml €3.99

Buffer block €1.49

Mini Top 3ml €3.99

Mini Base 3ml €3.99

Mini colour €3.99

5 single nail forms €0.49

5 Double ended forms €0.49

5 Remover wraps €0.49

2 cuticle sticks €0.29